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The apparent incompatibility between certain experiences of the human mind, which has often led to directly contradictory conclusions with regard to the ultimate Reality, is principally due to an error of the mind itself. Accustomed to think in terms of division and distinction, the human mind is hard put to it when confronted with two seemingly opposite experiences and called upon to reconcile them. And, failing to find the true reconciliation, it has attempted some sort of compromise and often Unity has been sought by reducing everything to the terms of the One. But compromise is no solution - it is ___ reconciliation. The latter can be best arrived at through the utmost possible unification of Spirit and Health, by finding out the intrinsic significance of both and not by accepting the one and rejecting the other as mutually exclusive entities.

It is by self-enlarging, by going deep within and expanding the Consciousness further till the Mind attains to the cosmic consciousness, that we can expect to find the Truth. And in the Light of the new illumination, Mind understands the import and realizes The Truth of Unity and the Truth of Multiplicity, understands the proper functions of Mind and Life in the scheme of creation. It is here in this start of changed [?] consciousness that the Mind experiences [ ? ] the Divine harmony amid the apparent discord that distress humanity. It is at this level of consciousness that Matter reveals itself as the figure and body of the Spirit and Spirit reveals to self as the essence of Matter.

The spiritual experience of the ascetic of the Silent Self is his abinding justification for denying the reality of creation. In the light of his discussive reasoning the two, namely, Silence and the Word, inactivity, and activity, appear to be mutually exclusive truths and cannot, as such, be predicated ___. If Silence is the Truth, cosmic ___

The above conception, however, is extremely misleading and is born out of the limitations of the human mind accustomed to sharp oppositions of affirmation and denial and incapable of rising up to an onfficiently comprehensive consciousness which will hold the apparent opposition in a simultaneous embrace. The Truth of ths Silence will not reject the Cosmic activity, on the contrary, it is the Silence that holds in its depth, the infinite potentialities of manifestation and from which wells out eternally, the Word, that creates the world. The Word, does no more than bring out what was self-hidden in Silence.

It has been said in the scriptures, "Out of no [?] being, Being appeared." ___ understanding it would seem at first sight to be a contribution in terms! How can anything, it will argue, come out of Non-being? But this puzzle vanishes as soon as the proper import of Non-Being is realized. Non-being is not the absolute non-existence or the negation of Being, on the contrary, it is something beyond positive conception and contains in itself the potentialities of infinite manifestation. It is not a blank, a nothingness, so to say, but the free base of all cosmic existence, it is termed Non-Being to contrary [?] of its freedom from all cosmic existence in terms of [u]actual existence[/u]. It is not limited by any particular manifestation or any manifestation whatever, yet it is the source and support of all that has become and all that has yet to manifest in multi-indinous forms.

Thus, Silce and the Word, Non-being and Being are not mutually exclusive truths, they are two aspects of one Reality; one is the basis and support of the other and sustains it. If we do a bit of introspection, we do find that is Word calm helfs a good deal in carrying out outward activities, efficiently. It is flurry, and nervousness inside that mars most human endeavors. It is perfect calm within oneself that alone can support the exhaustible activity outside and is point of fact - they are the two phases of one surface - Consciousness, the static and the dynamic, the former is the basis and support of the latter.

Hence we see that the limitatation we impose on Brahman are due to the inherent incapability of the human mind which concentrates on one aspect of the Reality and devices or disaparages the other which, to his separative intellect, seems to contradict.


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