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Human Aspiration and the Two negations - II

The materialist failed to perceive the Reality behind the appearances, the enduring truth behind the fleeting phenomenal existence which is in fact its support and justification. Even in this search for the ultimate truth within the confines of physical existence, the materialist had glimpses of supraphysical realities but they were scouted as unreliable evidence for the acceptance of any supraphysical truth beyond the material organization of consciousness. He failed to perceive that the worlds beyond exist and exercise their influence on our physical existence ___ physical body; the materialist ___ to perceive that consciousness the essential truth of existence and that there is one truth, one reality, which is gradually manifesting itself through the bewildering variety of world existence.

It is only by an extension of our consciousness that we can find the clue to the solution of these apparently contradictory conclusions. And this extension must be an inner enlargement from the individual to the cosmic consciousness. We have to start the search inside, find our real self as the center of human individualisation, the real Person, and by ___ consciouness from ___ into the cosmic existence. And likewise we may enter into the world-transcending consciousness, exceeding all creations, Beyond which seems to be the ultimate Truth of all existences, their basis and support, the One without a second, the only Reality.

When the mind passes into the Transcendence, suddenly without intermediate transitions, it is overwhelmed with a sense of unreality of the world, the sole reality of the transcendent Silence and thus becomes one of the most powerful and convincing experiences of which the human mind is capable. And the world-negating conviction of the ascetic is born out of this experience of the Pure Silence leaving [?] Non-being behind it and it is second Negation more [?] perilous and devastating in its effects on the individual that hears its potent call to the Wilderness.

The Refusal of the Ascetic ... "It is this revolt of Spirit against Matter", says Sri Aurobindo, "that for two hundred years, since Buddha, disturbed the balance of the old Aryan world, has dominated increasingly the Indian mind."

For centuries n centuries, saints, teachers, and persons whose names are sacred to Indian memory have answered to this distance appeal, coz renunciation is sole birth of knowledge, acceptance of physical life ___ - the call of the Spirit, ___

But Truth has to be sought in a larger and complete affirmation. The Vedantic formula 'One without a Second' has to be read in the light of the other Truth, namely, "All this is is Brahman." The same nyasin has not grasped the Reality in its full extent and comprehensiveness as the ancient Vedantins had done. Yet, like Materialism, Asceticism has rendered immense service to life and the contribution of both towards finding out the final harmony is considreable.


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