iPositive Energy

Accept, Love and Live Life Energy.

Faith: A powerful mentor to Success.

"Have faith in the God and you shall be established."

Life is an experience we are going through. During this course of learning and experiences, we are put face to face with situations which pushes us to points of different emotions.

We get Joy when we pass through these challenges. But it is tough when we find ourselves on rough turfs. When we get to a point where we need to take tough decisions, when we face issues we never encountered before and when our mind finds itself shrouded in fear and confusion; it is now that we start looking outside.

We look desperately for some one, family, a friend, mentor, a guru who can help us with the difficult phase. We are not confident of our calls. We look outside for answers.

I believe there is nothing outside. All and everything we seek to find, is in us.
The single most important solution to the dilemmas and confusion we fight is the Faith.

Faith is a strong energy emotion. It invokes an aura of strength, positive energy and courage. You can have faith in anything - it doesn't matter if it's a living entity or not, or whether the entity is of this earth or belongs to another realm. The important point to put your faith in someone or something is that the subject of Faith must be positive entity, that is, it is a part of or creator of and / or enabler of the Life energy; one who inculcates constructive and healing emotions as Love, Peace, harmony, growth, wisdom and the likes.

God, we humans turn to, is one focal point for our faith. God symbolizes love, guidance, protection, peace and is always present i.e. omnipresent. God is an abundant source of positive energy which is always there to heal those who ask from it. All that is needed is to start looking inside and put our faith in God.

As I look over my past years, the days of Joys, Love, pain and losses, I reinforce continuously my belief in the strength of Faith & Prayers. Prayer is the strongest tool I could ever be a part of and utilize for the betterment of life, nature and ones around.

Life is Energy. The course of life always keeps its balance. Hence, joys and pain are a part of the lifecycle.

Whatever comes to me, is a part of the great cosmic play. I may sync myself with the life energy and dance along the great tune despite happiness or agony; or one may attempt to fight the force, in vain.

With Faith and prayers, remember, one has the capability to modify the 'script' we all are part of. In all humbleness, I've witnessed it in my life and continue to believe in the great power we have inside.

The times are not hard, it is the decisions and actions we must take that make hard times.

In such times, step outside of the moment, and tell the God, the Lord, the Life Energy, which ever form you feel connected to, that you Thank HIM / HER for everything you have every had. Tell GOD, the supreme form of energy, your faith instills in HIM / HER, and pray for the solution you seek.

Faith has and will continue to make ways out of mazes. Always.

Strengthen your Faith and Success be in You.

Best Regards.


"Seek without fear or hesitation." 

Look around you. A majority of Humans keep wishing for things throughout their lives - tangible & intangible things. Their desires are, however, clouded by fear of not getting it, disbelief in their own ability to get the things or hesitation to believe that it is even possible that they can have what they want. The most trivial thoughts that confronts them is - 

"this is difficult";
"it is impossible to get them"; 
"can I afford this";
"it's not meant for people like us"; OR
"Am good without it".

From an early age, such beliefs and notions of being 'limited' & 'to think logically before wishing dreamily' is pumped into a child. This had been happening and continues to happen in many, if not all, sections of our society.

All that the humans need is the courage & belief in Self AND in the energy that nurtures us continuously. There is NO limitation for the Life Energy. It is not restricted by your social status, income, religion, moral values or education. 

One only needs to have an open mind. One must seek his aspirations irrespective of his/her present condition. It is important to believe and be aware that what we seek is what we get.

If you seek good health, sickness disappears. When you seek Goodness, it shall come to you. Seek Success and you shall rise.

And if you continue to think about how limited you are, you are pushing yourself in that tiny box and so you get things which only fit in that little box. The box is the life you live in. Stop living in that congested, restraint box when you can live in abundance. Yes, you can. Believe.

Think about what you want. Begin Seeking and continue to seek the size of life you want yourself & your loved ones in and the things, spiritualistic & materialistic, you want in your life.

Seek fullness with courage and Life Energy will bring it to your rejoice.

Best Regards.

Life Energy and Thought Manifestation

"Without thoughts, this world and beyond, is NOTHING."

The world is the manifestation of energy in various forms in different proportions. Energy is an indestructible entity. We all are aware of this. But, what most of the humans refuse to accept is that Energy can be modified.

Yes, energy can be changed, reduced or increased to high amounts, and without needing any external bodies / tools or being a super hero or a mutant being.

All we need is the thought. The thought is a form of energy. Focusing on the thought achieves reinforcement of the energy force. This energy force is immense and has absolute capability to create.

And this is how, the world as we 'perceive' comes in.

If you think, you can create anything & everything, in this realm of existence or some other. The energy in the thought(s) are independent of space-time continuum as understood and obliged by humans on Earth and WILL Always manifest. Nobody except the Life Energy itself can stop this manifestation.

Think & thou shall create it.

Best Regards.