iPositive Energy

Accept, Love and Live Life Energy.

Life Energy and Thought Manifestation

"Without thoughts, this world and beyond, is NOTHING."

The world is the manifestation of energy in various forms in different proportions. Energy is an indestructible entity. We all are aware of this. But, what most of the humans refuse to accept is that Energy can be modified.

Yes, energy can be changed, reduced or increased to high amounts, and without needing any external bodies / tools or being a super hero or a mutant being.

All we need is the thought. The thought is a form of energy. Focusing on the thought achieves reinforcement of the energy force. This energy force is immense and has absolute capability to create.

And this is how, the world as we 'perceive' comes in.

If you think, you can create anything & everything, in this realm of existence or some other. The energy in the thought(s) are independent of space-time continuum as understood and obliged by humans on Earth and WILL Always manifest. Nobody except the Life Energy itself can stop this manifestation.

Think & thou shall create it.

Best Regards.


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